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About Dr. Charo

Your success is my success.
As a scientist with a background in biomedical sciences, cancer biology and molecular metabolism, I spent over a decade at institutions such as MD Anderson Cancer Center and University of Miami, helping women deal with a variety of health related issues at the molecular and clinical levels. My research has lead me to value natural herbs over popping pills. At the same time, during my years teaching nutrition for pre medical and grad students, and working with celebrities such as Miss Florida contestants, NPC and bikini models as well as celebrities, I saw how little knowledge most people have about what the true meaning of healthy was, how often nutritious and healthy living are often associated with stress, hunger, deprivation and fad diets, and, how many women struggle with the pressure to look perfect. This background, coupled with the latest in scientific research, ancient herbal medicine, and my passion for helping women feel good about themselves, lead me to create and continually enhance the Hottie Detox brand. Hottie Detox is a scientifically backed program, that was born in 2011 with a mission to help women of all sizes, look good and feel great. I have combined ancient Chinese and Indian herbs, with the latest in scientific research in a unique formula to help women lose weight, quick, and without restrictive "dieting". Hottie Detox is created specifically for women with low self esteem and stubborn weigh issues. Hottie Detox is more than a product, it is a lifestyle you actually enjoy living and sharing with a community of women supporting each other.


Dr. Charo, PhD is the founder of the best selling weight loss, Detox and fitness program, the Hottie Detox program. Dr. Charo is a research scientist and clinician Who specializes in metabolism, weight loss, studying body's natural detoxification mechanisms and sports nutrition. She is the go-to nutritionist for many of the entertainment industries top celebrities in Miami and worldwide. Dr. Charo is published author of several scientific articles that have made a global impact on the bench and in the clinic. She has worked with, and/or prepared food for Miss Florida contestants, such as the beautiful Jacqueline G., NPC and Olympia contestants in the bikini category, MMA fighters and many more!

Dr. Charo is also a reoccurring nutrition expert on local shows and has also been featured on MBC and MTV alive. She has also been profiled in the sports nutrition journal as well as top national magazines including whole Living, Fitness magazines, nutrition journals among many others. Dr. Charo's Hottie Detox program has been one of the BEST SELLING one on one Detox programs all over the world including Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico and the Middle East. It has drawn praise from, experts, celebrities and press including Miss Florida contestants, bikini competitors, runway models and many other celebrities and healthy enthusiasts alike. Dr. Charo was recently named as one of the “top results-oriented nutritionists.”

After graduating from the university of Texas MD Anderson cancer center, Dr. Charo extensively researched metabolism, inflammation, nutrition and weight loss in women specifically, and is currently researching the role of insulin sensitivity in women with high BMI on mitochondrial functions, glycolysis , she is also studying the role of abdominal fat in ovarian cancer.

Dr. Charo's work as a clinical sports nutritionist is rooted in a holistic and psychological approach that works to transform the body from the cellular level up, increase energy, and achieve overall balance and inner and outer beauty naturally. Her main protocols include increasing the body’s alkalinity, consuming an individualized diet largely consisting of natural foods, increasing efficient digestion, and intelligent, guided and ongoing cleansing. Dr. Charo's philosophy is that Outer Beauty is a Reflection of Inner Balance.

Aside from her outstanding work as a researcher at the University of Miami, Dr. Charo designs eating plans, fitness programs; recipes and tips that work for everyone regardless of lifestyle: vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian or omnivore, kosher, though she emphasizes a primarily plant foods-based detox to reduce hunger without reducing portion size. She teaches others to discover their ultimate health and beauty by following her principles and without having to obsess over the minutia of typical dieting programs. Dr. Charo is a member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, the American Pancreas Association and Journal of Cancer Therapy. Based in Miami, Dr. Charo can also be found traveling to the film sets and location work of her celebrity clients in various cities across the world. She is also an avid fitness enthusiast and loves Pilates!

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