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Cash on Delivery

In addition to secure credit card payments and PayPal, Dr. Charo (teatox) offers western union and Cash on Delivery (COD) as a local currency payment method for select countries in the Middle East, such as Lebanon, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia and more. If you live in the Middle East and cannot use your credit card to place your order, please fill out the CASH on Delivery (form) or send us a WhatsApp message to +961 71 588 881

We offer several cash on Delivery (COD) options in Lebanon for 6$. We also offer same day express delivery and as fast as 3 hours for an extra charge. COD is 15$ in the rest of the middle east. To order and get cash on delivery, please submit your detailed address (street, landmark, for example, next to store of About George, next to school X...) and phone number. Incomplete orders are undeliverable. Cash on delivery is currently available only for the following flavors, Exotic Mango and Chocolate Fusion. الدفع عند التسليم متوفر في لبنان لطلب، يرجى إرسال عنوان كامل، رقم الجوال واسمك الكامل.


الدفع عند التسليم  متوفر

لطلب، يرجى إرسالرسالة  واتسآب عنوان كامل، رقم الجوال واسمك الكامل.

Place your order automatically by sending a message with the following info to our dedicated Whatsapp messaging number:

+961 71 588 881

+961 71 588 881 Whatsapp

  1. Full name
  2. Complete address
  3. Phone number
  4. The name of the program (4, 8 or 12 weeks program)

Simply Please fill out a form below.

Once your shipment is delivered to you, you will be required to make the cash payment to the Courier.

How do I pay for my order using the Western Union Service?

  1. Simply bring your ID and cash payment in local currency (where applicable) to a Western Union, and complete the Payment Services form.
  2. Once you obtain the Payment Services form (also known as the Blue Form) from the Western Union, you must provide all appropriate information including:
    1. Company name: Hottie Detox LLC Must be entered in the "Company Name" line under the "Pay To" section of the blue form.
    2. Company code: Entered in the "Company Code" line under the "Pay To" section of the blue form.
    3. Payment confirmation number: Entered in the "Account Number" line under the "Sender" section of the Blue Form. Your First Name, Last Name, Address and Phone Number fields are also required.

Upon completing the transaction at a Western Union location, you will receive a confirmation number (MTCN) to confirm that your payment has been successfully sent.

After making your payment via Western Union, Western Union will notify us within hours and your product will be sent for delivery.

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